Folding Table Rental

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Product Specification
  • Name: Folding Table
  • Size: 8.00'L x 2.50'W x 2.40'H
  • Weight: 52 Lbs.
  • Price: $9

This is a sturdy and dependable table that will help you with your party.  Everyone needs a place to sit and eat!  Anyone throwing a great party knows they need a place to put all the fun things like food, presents, etc.

Rent the 8 ft table for $8.50 each for the day. (Limit 3)

Rent the 6 ft table for $7.50 each for the day. (Limit 6)

Rent 70" round table for $10 each for the day. (Limit 4)

Rent 60" round table for $9 per day. (Limit 2) Great for use as a punch table or cake table!

At the current time, we are only able to rent tables and chairs in combination with a bounce house or slide.